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As a Kenwood Authorized dealer, we have the most durable and dependable two-way radio units and systems in the industry.  We have a wide selection of portables radios, mobile radios and repeaters, as well as select Kline Accessories and Power Products Batteries and Chargers.  We provide all installation and repair either on site at your location or at our shop conveniently located at the corner of Madison Ave and Ash St in Scranton, PA!

Kenwood NX-3320 radios

Digital and Analog Portable Radios

Digital NXDN/ Digital DMR and Analog

Kenwood TK-7360H_8360H Mobile radio

Digital and Analog Mobile Radios

Digital and Analog

Kenwood NXR-810 Radio Repeater


Extends radio coverage

Other – Power Products:  batteries, chargers, and accessories.  Compatible with most manufacturers.

Kenwood Nexedge products - Beyond the edge of what is possible now

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